Some people will call it Bluegrass, but the sound that “The Kelvinators” are making is a mix of blues, rock, and country that just happen to be coming out of standard Bluegrass instruments.

Matt Wierdness


With Mike Swain on mandolin, Casey Apgar on guitar, Steve Scott on bass, and Matt Lukes playing the banjo, this group is offering up their own brand of acoustic sound. The orignal three members met while playing together in the psychedelic blues band, “Blues for Dharma”.  With the interest these musicians had in the talents of other musical genres, they realized the technique and beauty of the bluegrass musicians they listened to.  It became a reoccurring conversation that learning these bluegrass picking techniques would bring a fantastic new dimension to their playing.  With the formation of “The Kelvinators” these three musicians have brought their previous rock and roll experiences to the their acoustic instruments resulting in a sound that would be made by Jimi Hendrix playing a mandolin.  With the addition of Matt Lukes rounding out the sound on banjo, they now set out to bring flatpicking and vocal harmony to the masses.